Test Automation

Testing software and real-time embedded systems requires a deep understanding of the criticality of the business domains. Sun Smart Systems’s Testing Services group facilitates independent verification and validation of the safety-critical systems. Sun Smart Systems has extensive experience in the verification for the different subsystems and adheres to industry quality norms. as prescribed by RTCA DO-178B, DO-254, IEEE 12207, etc.

Our testing service includes

  • Developing Test plans, Designs, Test Cases, Execution and Reporting.
  • Testing embedded systems on 8/16/32 bit processors environment.
  • Use of various types of in-circuit emulators, debuggers and simulators.
  • Developing Test Drivers for various IP’s like Real Time Clock (RTC), Inter Integrated Circuit (I2C), Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), Universal Serial Bus (USB), RS-232 and other serial communication devices.
  • Writing device drivers and diagnostic software for ARM core, OMAP and other processor controllers.
  • Testing at different levels of granularity – Unit, Module, Component, Subsystem, Integration, Regression, System and Acceptance Testing.
  • HALT, HASS & Life Testing.
  • Use of special testing techniques – Control flow, FMEA based Fail-safe, Error Seeding, Cause-effect graphing based Functional Testing.
  • Interoperability and conformance testing.
  • Post silicon IP testing on preliminary FPGA boards.